A customer recently mentioned that there are only two other competitors in the Acronym space- WhatIs and Acronym Bot. Unfortunately, WhatIs decided what shutdown recently, as the founders decided to go different ways. Acronym Bot is no longer in development. So where does that leave Wonderus? 

After speaking to the founders of the other apps and our customers we learned a few things. 

  1. Getting Data In is hard – Customers find updating and managing a company glossaries time consuming and tedious but necessary 
  2. Managing Glossaries is a part-time job – Customers want to make it easier for peers and employees to ramp up but don’t want to spend their time managing internal glossaries. 
  3. There’s more to surface – We should parse existing company documentation to surface information without human intervention.

This is how we are differentiating ourselves from current and former competitors and while we love competition, we are striving to build something that improves productivity for everyone while not comparing ourselves to existing tooling. We have a unique vision we want to execute on. We are here to help employees move faster by surfacing relevant internal information automatically so they can focus on the work, not the obstacles.

How are we approaching this vision?

  1. Developing Terms as a Service – you will soon be able to subscribe to hundreds of predefined industry terms.
  2. Improved Slack commands – everyone at your company is now allowed to add terms and acronyms through Slack.
  3. Investing in integrations – We want Wonderus to be able to search pdf’s, Google Drive, and Jira for terms and knowledge-bases so you don’t have to go searching around.

If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you! We value all our current customers and future customers and look forward to working with you on developing a roadmap. We love hearing from you, hello@wonderus.app